Hi there, maybe this will come to you as a shock:eek:, but we dutch have build a strange behavior on new year. On new years day we like to jump in freezing water with a orange hat from a dutch soup-maker "unox".

Well I'm dutch but i live in the dutch Caribbean, on Curacao. So we still like to jump in the water with this stupid hat on, the only difference is the water temperature is a little bit nicer.

So I'm one of the dj's during this event, and last year they asked me to make a mix for the countdown, used a lot of famous dutch party songs, you don't have to like it, i even normally don't play them, but for a occasions like this it's perfect.

So this year they asked me to do the same thing, and i could use some inspiration. it maybe English tunes or dutch, but i needs to be mostly recognizable, but good or funny soundbites are welcome to.

for some guidance i will post this video somebody made

Thanx, Thomas