Troubleshooting a NuMark Mixtrack/Novation NIO setup
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    Default Troubleshooting a NuMark Mixtrack/Novation NIO setup

    Hi everybody,

    I'm having huge problems with my setup at the moment - I'm running Traktor LE on my MacBook6,1, with a NuMark Mixtrack and a Novation NIO 2/4. I can't get any sound to come out of Traktor. I'm using the NIO as my audio device and have it set up so the output monitor is routed through outputs one and twom and the master goes through three and four. I get nothing from Traktor, either in my headphones or speakers.

    All other programs are playing sound perfectly - anyone know what I've done wrong?


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    Have you tried swapping the outputs around? Have you checked volume levels in the software?
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