DVS Setup guidance needed (mixer related)
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    Default DVS Setup guidance needed (mixer related)


    I've been doing a lot of research lately on dj related forums on getting together an entry level setup for a DVS. I am still a beginner in this regards so please let me say if you read all of this post (I know its long as shit) I grealty appreciate it, and please feel free to answer just bits of the questions I have asked if they don't all pertain to you. I am at a point where I have all these ideas in my head but when it comes to spending this much money It would be foolish of me not to hear criticism and opinions from a knowledgeable community like this.

    After reading a lot about Traktor Scratch Pro and Serato Scratch Live as possible DVS setups I am leaning more towards TSP. However I am still open to peoples suggestions on SSL because I already have a Traktor S4 and would not mind learning another program like SSL, What appealed to me is that in SSL I would have to work harder at beat matching and syncing songs manually which even though discussed at length on many forums (to sync or not etc.) I think ultimately I have to have a strong foundation on this or I am just too dependent on Sync (bad habits starting to form). Also just being able to function in two different interfaces (TSP and SSL) is useful (?your call), though you guys can more than give some advice on the learning curve from one to another.

    And just so that you know I am aware that the S4 might at some point receive an update allowing me to upgrade into a TSP DVS, if that happens I would just end up selling whatever mixer I get for this setup and ultimately just use the S4 as a mixer (I am hoping that this will happen) with my two turntables (which I will want to keep).

    So here is where I have hit a rut,
    I am set on learning how to scratch and mix on a DVS with vinyl (or in this case time coded vinyl), and have so far leaned on TSP, so I am deciding if I should just go ahead and shell out for a Traktor Certified Mixer, I understand that it might offer some savings in the long run because of the built in sound card and all I would have to do is upgrade. My issues with this are that the only mixer I would want to buy that is certified is the $800 Mackie.D2.Pro. I read some reviews of that online (mainly focused on the scratchworx review). The reason I am hesitant on going for the other certified mixers is because I honestly donít want to shell out that much money since the rest are basically over a grand. However even more honestly , I would prefer not to shell out $800 for the MD2Pro either and have been eyeing the DDM 4000 @ around $350, the problem with this is I am concerned about the setup with TSP specifically with getting the software to work without glitches, cables, etc.(How much of a hassle will this be? Any workarounds etc.? or just plug and play?), so any other Mixers you guys use without much hassle in TSP.

    I am running a 2010 MBP 13inch for basically all my DJ stuff, and the S4 works great with that, but if I got the DDM 400 then I realize I have to buy the whole TSP Package which the lowest I have seen is $500-600. Btw, I am planning on buying most of my stuff new if I have to buy that Audio 8 DJ box, otherwise if I bought a certified mixer I would just buy a used upgrade kit (good idea?).

    And a side question on TSP, I read somewhere (maybe dj forums, not sure can't find the link) that NI is thinking of discontinuing this and producing a new type of Software or perhaps just incorporating it into the S4 interface? I know this doesn't sound right but if anyone has some facts it would ease my decision making process if I went with TSP.

    As for turntables I have pretty much decided to go with two new or refurbished Str8-150ís because I donít really want to shell out 2 grand for two new Technics and because I believe itíll be good for a beginner (Though I believe that I eventually will probably move to Technics as my skills advance, Str8-150 owners please give me your stories & experience on that).
    And I mentioned earlier that I am still also weighing Serato, and I did like the nice little effects mappings with the dicer on DJTT, so if you have a good setup Mixer (<500$?) that works well with Serato please give me some ideas because I am open to that as well.

    On a side note I also have a Midi-fighter and if that could be used well with one of these setups, that would be a added bonus or else Iíll just stick to mapping it for the S4.



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    The DDM is not scratch certified - it'll only work as a controller. LIke you said, you will have to shell out for a full TSP package and I have no idea whether it's still sold at 50% off or not.

    If I were you, I'd hold off until the new announcements from NI early next year, as by then we'll most likely know what will become of T(S)P. Maybe the S4 will also get timecode support at this point, although this is probably just wishful thinking for now.

    Depending on your region it might be more or less handy to know the essentials in SSL. If you're afraid of relying too much on sync with TSP, don't worry - you can just disable the bpm and phase display and you're back to using your ears again.

    As for the STR8-150, most everyone here who's used some will tell you they are definitely not just for beginners, but very capable decks. A little bit of digging will show you the way.

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    DJ DECKS BY ADION. Google it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patch
    Buy one (you'll only need one) of these:


    and one of these:


    and one of these:


    and one of these:


    Then go and visit Adion, and get DJ Decks:


    DJ Decks is a digital vinyl system that lets you play audio files from turntables. It means any tune you can get your hands on, you can scratch on real turntables. You can get a Serato style skin for DJ Decks - I use a modified version myself and it's AWESOME.

    The best bit about DJ Decks, is there's a fully functioning free trial that works for 30 minutes. Perfect for DMC style 6 minute routines.

    Total digital vinyl set-up for a little over £300. You'll have to use your existing computer, and your hi-fi for the output - but once you're up and running you're laughing. It also means that you can rip all of your existing vinyl to the hard drive. Great thing about that is - you'll have DOUBLES of all your tracks. Just what you need for those DMC routines.
    Check this thread for the whole story:

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumtsch View Post
    LIke you said, you will have to shell out for a full TSP package and I have no idea whether it's still sold at 50% off or not.
    I think TSP has been sold out for like a month and even Traktor Scratch Duo is sold out by now, so if he wants to go down the Traktor route he has to wait until the new Traktor Scratch is available anyways.
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