Track tags / organisation & Windows upgrade
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    Default Track tags / organisation & Windows upgrade

    I realise these have been asked/answered before, but better to get direct recent answers/advice....

    My initial problem is tracks in itunes not containing all the text. I believe this is due to missing tag info.
    Can anyone recommend software to update my files with correct tags?

    Also will changing tags affect my ableton warp files? The actual file names are fine with bpm and MiK key included but it must be tag information that is causing the itunes problem.

    Which brings me to ask do I need itunes? I currently use ableton but im on the verge of purchasing an S4 and iv read about trainspotter. Would I still have the tag problem with trainspotter and does anyone suggest still configuring itunes or any other playlist software?

    One extra question, is it worth updating to win7 from vista for better performance

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    if its truncating the info, then its probably ID3 version. itunes can batch convert all to a specific version (2.3 seems the most recommended, even though 2.4 is the newest version)

    if its just lacking info, then picard musicbrainz or trainspotter, or even itunes in some cases, can retrieve most music, even some hidden underground albums.
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