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    Default Simple laptop question

    Im going to buy a laptop after Christmass and was wondering what laptop would be the best for running traktor bearing in mind i have a budget of 400 euro (525 dollars,320)

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    Any laptop that you get for that kind of money should be good to run Traktor.

    Im running Traktor Pro on a 4 year old Toshiba. The only thing Ive upgraded is the ram (to 4 meg). Other than that aspect, any recent laptop blows mine away spec wise so you shouldn't have a problem what you choose.

    Perhaps look at the amount of ram and the hard drive size as priority (although these can both be upgraded in the future).

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    Yeah, I've got an HP that I got at Costco for about $450 that runs Traktor and Maschine at the same time no problems. 2.1 ghz with 3 gigs of ram and a 500 gig HD.

    Computers these days can handle a lot of the software thats out there. It's games and production that call for a REALLY good set-up.

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