Recording in Traktor with Presonus Firebox
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    Default Recording in Traktor with Presonus Firebox

    I have an Intel Imac and I am running traktor scratch pro 1.2.4.
    I have a presonus firebox I am using for the output.
    I am running it into a Dennon DN-X900 4 channel mixer.
    I am only using two decks on the mixer.
    I have the output routing set correctly and get full sound in the house speakers from both deck A and B.
    I am using the main out for the house.
    I am using the record out to go into inputs 1 and 2 on the firebox.
    On the input routing menu I have set the input send to channel 1 and 2 from the firebox.
    When I start playback on decks A and/or B I get perfect sound in the house and i get a reading on the input send meter but the record meter on traktors FX2 deck does not read anything.
    I tried messing with the recording setting on traktor but have been unsuccessful.
    How do I record in traktor with the firebox i guess is my question.
    Feel free to email me directly if you have the answer or respond here.

    Thanks so much techies! =)
    Anthony M.
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    Hello to you too : ].
    Sorry idk, but I can help by me posting moving your thread up in "new posts" so other people can find it.

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    Default =)

    Thanks that would be awesome! I am bumming because I know practically all there si to know about this program but this one has got me stumped! =)

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    Could you possibly send me a link to where ever you move the thread so I can view responses. I am new in using forums so I don't know my way around too well lol. Thanks again. =)

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    What deviant means is that he 'bumped' your thread.

    Have you set up the 'Recording' tab in the Preferences to record from the right channel on your soundcard?
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    I think i got you. In the "Recording" sub-menu, set the "source" to external, and set the "external input" to "deck c (or d)". Now in the "Input routing" sub-menu, set your inputs 1 and 2 on deck c (or d), instead of the input send channel you're using. Now every thing should work. If it doesn't, switch to a 4 deck view, and click on the arrow below deck c (or d) and select "audio through". I don't think this last step is necessary, but it might be.

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    I figured it out! Thank you all much for your help =)

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