Some one fill me on this
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    Default Some one fill me on this


    I just ordered my X1 off of Amazon. Should be here in 2 weeks. So now I have 4 usb devices: 2xmidi fighter, 1xX1 and the audio 8 dj. I mix externally through my denon x120.

    My question is: Whats the best way hook all this up for optimum setup time.

    I got a powered usb hub with 4 connections. That would probably do it?

    It just seems like there could be less cable soup or something. Maybe I being naive.


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    How many USB ports does your computer have? There's not really any way to reduce the number of cables though as each item needs it's own. I would definitely plug the Audio 8 into the computer, everything else should be fine through a good quality powered hub.

    Some good USB reading,677.html
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