Excel file for TSI/TKS files?
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    Default Excel file for TSI/TKS files?

    Hey all i'm not up to date enough with excel spreadsheets or programs to do this but i was wondering if anyone is talented enough to either create an excel spreadsheet or program with a blank black & white visual of the VCI (and maybe at some stage other controllers also) with blank text boxes which we are able to type what each button, knob, jog wheel etc does into. It would be great to have it so that you can flip through the midi pages also so it is all in 1 file/program.

    I personally would make this but i'm unfortuntely dont have the knowledge to do it. I believe it would be a great tool not only to share the visual side of things with eachother but also it would be excellent to sit down and look at the control possibilties and premap them on screen before changing our traktor control files and screwing them all up.

    Just a thought i had as i was remapping my VCI for the umpteenth time LOL

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    this is a program which does exactly what you need! it converts the tsi file to an excel sheet! the language is english btw
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