Genres and sub genres of house
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    Default Genres and sub genres of house

    So I have lots of "house" music but I'm not always too sure what I would class a particular type of house music as.

    Currently I have the following sub genres in my id3 tags

    Tribal House - stuff with an African, Indian percussive feel
    Funky House - Bouncy happy funky stuff
    Soulful House - Stuff with lots of vocals, church choir style
    Tech House - techy, electric
    Progressive House - more dance style house with lots of pads, synths etc

    How do you guys differentiate with tracks that fall into multiple categories and how do you go about labelling / searching for music?

    When I purchase music from Beatport or Itunes it's normally categorised in a broad House, Dance, Techno genre and not very specific.

    I currently use: Artist , Track , Album , BPM , Key, Genre to label my tracks.

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    Plenty of threads on this already. Do a quick search and I'm sure you'll find them along with how other people do it

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