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    Just a quick question...

    Do you guys find that when playing a set that its best to always keep the bass kicking or to have breaks every couple tracks?

    i personally like to have breaks to build up tension... i find pulls people onto the dance floor better, but i do know some big local djs that just keep it pounding the whole time

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    doesnt like 99% of all electro house tracks have 1-3 breakdowns/buildups in the track itself..
    you can do some cool things like double build ups and stuff
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    really depends, here's a short set

    I usually keep the bass kicking, but it really depends on the crowd. If the same group of people has been dancing for a while, sometimes I like to drop a song without a constant 4/4 that's a little laid back, but if it's fresh bodies on the dance floor I almost always keep the beat going

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    Pretty much what Slater said; its very crowd-dependent. At some point you always have to bring it back down a notch, though, as the "hardness" of a set is lost after a while if there is no comparison to a lighter reference point.

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