I just got a Vci-300 MKII and a Kontrol X1 with the hope of being able to use both with my pre-installed Traktor Pro (I've been playing with the software for a while now, just no money for hardware). To my disappointment it doesnt seem to be that easy seeing as the vci300 is unsupported in traktor.

I read the post found here: http://www.djtechtools.com/2008/10/0...#comment-42159
and posted my email asking to be sent a proper presets file.

I'm wondering if I can plan on just waiting to be emailed that file, or if there is a reason the link has not been fixed and I should consider returning my vci-300. Seeing as I already have some sufficient knowledge of the Traktor layout I'd like to stick with that and not move to Itch. A quick response would help, seeing as I dont have a long time to return . Maybe I should have gone with the pricier kontrol s4 after all haha.
I'm just trying to find a way to be able to use my 300 and x1 with traktor pro. Anyway will do, if there is another way that doesnt require the mini.Translator that would work too

Thank you