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    Hey guys, im a beginner dj with a numark mixtrack pro and I want to get into producing, i haven't used any producing software and was wondering if I should get a Novation launchpad, or a Akai Apc 20, which is best for beginners and to learn the software? (ableton live)

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    i just started producing not too long ago, im actually on the fence about what to get right now right now -> for xmas i picked up an MPK mini ( for 100 bucks and that thing is legit as hell when messing around with ableton -> i basically just use it to make melodies and what not then tweak em in abletons piano roll. i would suggest if you dont have any experience with the program or antyhing or dont know if youre gonna like it to start off small. Im pretty sure the launch pad and apc20 are around 200 bones.

    but if youre gonna just go all out id get the APC 40 (im using my NYE gig money on that this afternoon actually) look it up on youtube, that thing is rediclious. and its only 100 more than the apc20.

    so if you feel the need, "go big or go home"
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