Hi guys,

I'm new here, and wanted to let you hear my mixtapes.

First mix:

Kid 606 - Mr. Wobble's nightmare (Hide and scream remix)
Modek - Kamikaze
Aerotronic - Sex & Cigarettes
Cyberpunkers - Omg
Bart B more - Brap
Eclier - Hole (Marseille remix)
Shaved monkeys - Get rough (aerotronic remix)
Dj antention - Go
The bloody beetroots - Warp 1.9 (Gtronic Badass remix)
Les petits pilous - Wake up (asser remix)
Dada life - Just bleep me (satisfaction)
Noisia - split the atom
Pendulum - The island pt. 1
Pendulum - The island pt. 2
Slachthofbronx - Ayoba (Highbloo remix)
Mumbai science - woof
Sound of stereo - Button (BeatauCue remix)
Shinichi Osawa ft. Paul Chambers - Singapore swing
D.I.M & TAI - Lyposuct
Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Listen to this
The doors - The end (Riva starr retrip)

Second mix:

Haezer - WTFIH (Cyberpunkers remix)
Toy Quantize - Weather change (Doc trashz remix)
Polymorphic - Robodance
Haezer - James bond
Drivepilot - Fuck yeah
Andy's ill - Gruesome
Idiot boyz - H1N1 (Bitchy mix)
Dj antention - Rapid fire (F.O.O.L remix)
NEUS - Blast! (Trashing teenagers remix)
ULTRNX - Rockstr (Saint pauli remix)
The wallpapers - Flying birds (Corpus de textes "instru" remix)
Porter robinson - Say my name
Disco trash music - Bumper cars (Just A Band remix)
VNNR - Sueme
Le castle vania - Nobody gets out alive (Noisia remix)
La roux - In for the kill (Skrillex remix) // Pellusje's reedit

Third mix:

Mr. Skeleton & B.h(a)ve - Radio ol' T.V.
The mastertrons - Fat man
Figure - Torture (Space laces remix)
Tom deluxx - Reactivate
Sawgood - Yes (Belzebass remix)
Beef Theatre - The dentalist
Oh shit! - romance (krftkds remix)
Asser - Unstoppable (original mix)
Modek - Mumps (aerotronic remix)

It would be awesome if you leave a comment & (hopefully) Enjoy!