First proper gig
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    Default First proper gig

    Me and my mate have been djing for a while now, doing parties, mostly 18ths, which helps as we are 18.

    We've been starting to get some headway into djing at the local club, and tbh, im bricking it! nothings sorted yet, but im wondering if you could launch all your tips and tricks at me. I know my friend will most probably play dubstep in his set, but does that mean i would have to aswell?

    Any help will be appreciated!


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    play what you want, keep the crowd dancing and having fun. most importantly relax and have a blast. i love playing out.

    a few beers help too....
    Quote Originally Posted by Xonetacular View Post
    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djnesquigs View Post
    a few beers help too....
    Keep to a few otherwise beatmatching becomes a difficulty! We in the bong squad play dubstep, fidget, electro and drum & bass. You don't have to stick to one genre, mix it up a little!

    People in clubs love hearing mash ups / remixes / songs with vocals which they can associate to.

    Club DJ'ing is very different to parties as you will have other DJ's (some better / worse than you) adding an elelment of tension and in clubs the regulars prefer a set music genre, where at parties you have to try and compensate for everything.

    Read on the DJTT blog for tips on playing in clubs . . . .
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