Who's in Hong Kong?!
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    Default Who's in Hong Kong?!

    Yo Hombres,

    I'm going to Hong Kong tomorrow and wanted to know if there are any DJTTers there?

    Any tips/recommendations where to eat, shop, club etc?

    Also, if you know of anyone who is in urgent need of a DJ I'll be there with a few other dudes that would be down for a spin.



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    Default HK

    I'm based in Shanghai (currently in Detroit tho) and I'm down in HK at least twice a year.

    I recommend checking out this crew, Hong Kong Heavy - http://www.myspace.com/heavyhongkong.

    There's not a ton of underground music in HK. Velour does occasionally get some big name folk through there though. You'll find mostly top-40 ish and feelgood tunes (and lots of hooks/sexpats in Wan Chai).

    Food in HK is awesome, and you can find literally anything. Beef brisket + noodles...bomb.

    Be aware though that HK is heaven for the rich and hell for the poor.

    Shanghai is great too, and much bigger DJ scene.

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