So I'm seriously looking into purchasing a Midi Fighter, likely in the next few weeks. I have a Numark Total Control for my primary controls, and just want something to trigger loops with, do some live remixing and the like.

The question I pose to you sexy motherfuckers this day is: what functions should I plan for? I know I can always reprogram the buttons, something I've become quite proficient with over the last few weeks as I've redefined almost everything my Total Control can do, but when I make the purchase I'd like to have the button color chosen to correspond. (That and I want to make sure I'll be able to get an adequate amount of functionality from the sixteen buttons across two decks.)

My current plans are to have eight buttons for deck A and eight for deck B. Seven of the buttons will be for triggering loops, and one button designated as a shift-key to send the loop into repeat.

Can you think of anything obvious that I'm missing? The issue here is that I have only recently decided to pursue this sort of thing and I'm sure there are things I won't know that I need until I've actually bought the equipment. (As is usually the case, no?)

Thanks for any help.