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    Hey guys. Im new to this site but not new to DJing. I make my own songs and mix some. I mix techno, trance, dance, hip hop, and rap. Many times i only mix up one song, but i put it on two tracks so i have total control. I use Traktor for this. If I mix one of my own songs, I use Ableton Live.

    What type of music is your favorite?

    What type of songs and programs do you use?
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    welcome to the forums.

    i mainly focus on dubstep, but i sometimes dip into drum and bass

    but when it comes to listening (in order of most to least): dubstep, DnB, hardstyle, happy hardcore, electro, house, pop/ top 40 (not voluntarily, usually), everything else
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    Nice, nice. I like dubstep, DnB, and Hardcore (just to listen to). Creating that with ableton takes a LONG time and is hard to make it just right.
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