Curious?? DJ shout outs ??
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    Default Curious?? DJ shout outs ??

    Hey everyone i was wondering if someone can help me out with something that i don't even know where to begin ??? i am curious in how DJ's make custom shout outs and play them during there sets, example " Your listening to the sounds of DJ whatever " ???? i have heard some people use audacity ?? does anyone know step by step or where i can watch a tutorial about creating these shout outs ??? Thanks

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    If you have a mic, just use that to add some "live" flavor.

    If not just record a soundclip in audacity and one-shot it on your DJ program.
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    Get a friend or a group of friends to record them for you. A girl with a hot voice or if you have a friend that has an accent of some type. A rasta or a little kid are some fun ones.

    My favorite that I once heard was an answering machine message that someone recorded and sampled and used durring a transition. The caller was calling to say that how good the dj was the night before and to give props. It was really authentic sounding. It may have been an actual call. Either way I say that it was very creative.

    Just dont over do it. I think only the Basement Jaxx can get away with that LOL!

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