1st mix with my vestax cvi-100SE. I know ive had it ages (well probly 4 weeks) but ive just had a few plays with it. Now i completed my set up with my MacBook i thought id test drive it all and heres what i did, its nothing fancy, used some basic fx but really need to get my head around using the fx with the vci.

1. discobump & triple x - discosound 2011
2. Sol bros ft kathy brown - get on up 2011
3. danny tenaglia - dibiza
4. the shapeshifters - she freaks
5. crazibiza - my lips
6. tom novy ft lima - now or never
7. phunk investigation ft boy george - generations of love 2011
8. robytek - off broadway
9. afrojack - bald n hairy
10. paul gardner - music in my soul
11. abel ramos, erire - dream come true
12. mark knight - devil walking