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    Default Traktor iTunes Integration

    Why is it that I have to import songs to my Traktor collection as well as analyze them.

    In Serato I can analyze and then just use my iTunes playlists, but in Traktor this doesnt seem to work so well.

    What am I missing here? or is Traktor not as well integrated in that sense?

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    You only have to analyze them once if you import them to the collection and play them from the collection. You're not the first to say that Serato's iTunes integration worked a little better. I've never used it so I can't really comment on it.
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    my itunes and traktor were like two little girls fighting with eachother. they never wanted to work together. so i ended up just importing what i needed into traktors library and using that.

    i was told that if you have chinese symbols in your library it will mess with traktors reading of the itunes library and give you that wonderful redbox error that it cant open itunes.
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