Anyone heard of the free open source DJ program Mixxx?
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    Default Anyone heard of the free open source DJ program Mixxx?

    I actually found out of this program by way of an ad, but it sounds like super cool concept - namely that it is a totally free and open source dj program, even compatible with linux!

    That is awesome, as I have always wondered about how cool such an idea would be, maybe even something DJTechTools could get behind to give them a boost of users. The money saved would help open up the world to some more potential dj's!

    Currently the VCI 100 has a layout made by community members, but I am assuming it is similar/the same as the default mapping. However, with a little work I'm sure it could be stellar.

    Here are some features

    I am a big fan of the customizable skins, vinyl support and according to them they have "Advanced MIDI controller support that is provided by our groundbreaking MIDI scripting engine. Take advantage of your MIDI controller with our JavaScript-like language."

    Which sounds like it would make more sense than trying to map in traktor.

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    Mixx has been around for ages and most of the forum members are aware of it's existence.

    It is MILES behind the commercial options.

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    Whoa Free DJ Program, sign me up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by padi_04 View Post
    It is MILES behind the commercial options.
    kilometers even! depending on where you live
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    Mixxx was the first thing I tried to use when I got into the idea of maybe eventually starting DJing back in 2003ish. Oddly enough, based on a fairly recent experience, I think it was in better shape then.

    It seems to have a lot of issues on OS X, and I didn't remember to try it again when I was running Linux for a software project.

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