here's our latest video guys.. enjoy!

An Australian Skydiving Event that is just four days of fun and games. About 100 + skydivers, from all around the world catch up for a crazy four days of partying and jumping in the sleepy old town of Nagambie in Country Victoria, Australia.

FSF was lucky enough to get invited to hang out with these cats. We loaded up a motor home with an edit suite and we set up our edit base at the drop zone. People would jump then drop off their footage they shot and we would compile a day tape for them to watch each night. It was something new to us, but as always we had a great time.
This clip is the best of the 80+ hours of footage we got over the four days, the clip is filmed and edited FSF style so i hope you enjoy. feel free to leave a comment or rate it if you think it needs to be rated.

As always FSF would like to thank Launch Helmet Cams for all their assistance when it comes to onboard cameras.

Tom from ILLUSIVE RECORDS has once again supplied us with a great track courtesy of of ILLUSIVE RECORDS and the band LOWRIDER.

music courtesy of
artist - LOWRIDER
song - BE BAD