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    Hey all, need some very important advice. Details would be excellent..

    Currently I've been bedroom/house party Dj for about a year, and this Spring, I'm going to have the chance to do a residency at some venues for closing the place down. I need all the tips you can give me, what to bring (my s4 haha), what to do, etc.


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    I would suggest to go there a couple of time just to feel people, see what's available in the booth (gear... room left)... and show your face, meet few peoples.... then...Do your best, try to read people mind/feeling so they dance 'till the end. Not much!

    Keep it simple, keep it fun for you and people on the dancefloor.

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    keep building up your track collection. from experience a few years ago, doing a bi-montly for almost 2 years and playing sets that were 4-5 hours long, i had to make sure my music ran deep and i had a good variety of it. and this was back in the day when i was 90% vinyl/10% cdj. i was bringing 2 record bags of about 100 records per bag and a book of cdjs with about 100 cds averaging about 7 tracks a cd.

    alot easier these days with just a laptop and maybe a spare hdd. but still, you gotta have a lot of tracks. that way, you'll have an easier time picking out music instead of stressing about not bringing enough. or having a good variety of tracks.

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