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    I had a giftcard to overstock and was looking for a traktor midi controller i found the pylepro pmidi200 looked affordable and had a nice layout. I am mainly a mac user and have the traktor demo because im not trying to commit to a software to later find out that it is incompatible. The reviews online say that it works well with traktor im looking for some asisstance on how to sync this controller with the program. the windows program that was given mixxx was horrendious ontop of that it wasnt compatible.

    Thanks for your time

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    Never heard about this controller. Adding a picture so the other repliers don't need to look it up:

    All you need to do is map all functions to the Traktor-functions you like. You should start with the transport-section (play, cue, pause etc.) to get started. If you don't know how that mapping-stuff works, please look into the Traktor manual.

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    how do i do map functions

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    instead of midi mapping i havwe Traktor Kontrol x1 any other help is appreciated

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    If you have an X1 it's plug and play, but you would more than likely want to load a mapping into Traktor to use the X1 as a mixer. You can find that mapping in the user library on the Native Instruments site.
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