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    Default need advice from the pros

    Hey guys, i currently have a laptop with virtual dj and a hercules midi controller. im into the idea of mixing at clubs and also creating effects...anyways, ive looked into getting a better midi controller such as the vestax vci100 or an american audio vms4 so that i can expand my capabilities but the thing is i dont know if practicing with this will make me good enough to use the club standard cdjs (like pioneer cdj1000's) budget is low, i currently have $500 saved up to blow on my next piece of equipment. i like the idea of controllerism and using nothing but a laptop and a midi however the scene seems to be too underground at the moment and my main goal is to gain enough skill to play at the club. so, what im asking for is suggestions on what pieces of equipment i should buy next. oh, i also have a numark m2 scratch mixer to work with if necissary. budget is key here, along with similarities with the equipment at the club...also, would it be worth it to do something like buy a single cdj 400 and slowly build my kit as i can afford it or should i just get an all in one? thanks guys.

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    craigslist, ebay

    google is your friend

    that is if youre looking to save money, its best to buy used.

    all midi setups or something close to it will start to become more popular in a few years, so if you really are worried about mixing on cdjs or whatnot find a used pair.

    my friend just got SSL, 2 1200's and a mixer with timecode for $500 +shipping off craigslist, slightly used (like 9 months old)
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    ive actually got a technics sl 1200, just no headshell...and some other shitty turntable, but i want to be able to create awesome effects. hell maybe i can just incorporate a midi fighter or somethin. Ive been looking online for about a month now and im going in circles trying to find the perfect addition to my kit.

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    if you already have turntables and a mixer why dont you hang on until NI release their new gear and potentially get a new soundcard that'll support DVS. Otherwise go second hand, im sure some people around here will be selling their audio4/8's just to stay on the bleeding edge. Then get timecode. Then get a Kontrol X1. This'll give you all youre pretty effects and full transport & hotcue control.
    I think that's the closest you're gonna get to running a traditional setup you'd most likely find in clubs with the added midi functionality.

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    Hey so I'm not sure if you have played at clubs before, I can't tell. From what I can gather you haven't, but then I saw that you have some turntables, that threw me off a bit.

    I'll just go off of your first comment.

    This is how it went for me, I had an IDJ2 and was mixing off of that (don't ever get one - awful), doing a few house parties and what not. It was good for the really basic stuff like learning how to mix, it was actually quite good to learn how to beatmatch because it didn't have a tempting sync button.

    I wanted to start playing at clubs so I just bit the bullet and emailed promoters from the clubs that I liked going to and they gave me a few short sets to try my hand at. So I burnt a whole heap of CDs and watched CDJ1000 tutorials on youtube.

    I have done about 6 club gigs in the last 4 months or so using CDs - they have been going really good and I have been getting a great response from people. I have also been getting a heap of bookings which is great.

    I really wanted to get into digital DJing the whole time, so after searching the net and the forums for a while I decided on VCI 100 and Traktor - which I just got.

    Anyway, long story short, I have my first gig with the new controller coming up next week and because I have already done a few gigs around town the promoters were more than happy to allow me to plug into the mixer and to use the VCI.

    I guess it is a lot easier to start out just using CDs, it's a bit of a pain in the ass because obviously it's near impossible to practice on CDJ1000's unless you either have a good friend who has some or you have a spare $5000 lying around.

    I hope this sort of info helps, I'm not sure that it is so much of a help but more of a story that you can learn from?

    Good luck!
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