My first proper gig!
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    Default My first proper gig!

    Hey guys,

    So i've been offered my first proper, paid, actual DJ slot. It's kind of a biggy aswell.. my uni's Winter Ball! I'm really really stoked, but also pretty nervous.

    One thing I really need to know is how much i should be charging, thus far i've only done parties and a few bars for free beers and drinks tokens and such. So i genuinley have no idea what kind of money i should be asking for, being funded by the uni there should be a decent size budget set aside, so yeah tips on that would be great.

    Any other pearls of wisdom would be great too! Cheers!

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    What are the hours? 8-2?

    I'd usuallly charge about 20-30 an hour for a gig like that, so about 150-250.

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    yeah i normally charge about $150 for three hours + drinks if its a bar, and discounted hourly after that.

    dont lowball yourself and dont set your price too high either. You gotta remember that youll prob be there at least an hr before your supposed to start playing, and an hr after (set up / clean up) but you also want to play for them again, so you gotta be reasonable but still looking after your own interests.

    ya dig?
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    Captcha, when is your gig? Or how did it go?
    I'm in the UK (perhaps you are as well) and I get paid 150 pounds per 2 hr session. This is quite a bit, but I've also worked up a small following. On the other hand, I'm doing a Ball this upcoming Saturday for free because my friend is organizing it... so it goes both ways.

    What was your setup like? How was it to play on a big PA system rather than smaller speakers? Did they give you free rein wrt your track selection? If so, what did you play?

    I intend on playing electro-house/top40 electro but I also don't come on until 11:30.

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