Hi guys

I Need to get myself a new lappy for Djing and making Music as I have had enough of the low screen res and weak ass cpu on my Netbook (Mind you I have been very impressed with my netbook its a powerful little bugger for the size BUT the screen res is Painful !!!! esp in Ableton GRRRR!!)

So I am on a budget and the range of Lappys in my budget all seem to have either T3200 Pentium Dualcore or T5800 Core2duo.

Now I have had a few laptops that had a Core2duo in one with a 1.6 cpu and the other was a 2.0 cpu both worked fine for Djing and production and after searching the net about this I saw someone said that they are built on the same architecture and there is very little difference between them. I know the best thing to do is get the Core2 but I have seen a few nice looking lappys that have dualcores in and are slightly cheaper ( trust me budget is kinda key here )

So am I going to take a Major performance hit with a dualcore over a core2 ??

I am more worried about the production side TBH I know my previous Dell 6400 with a Core2 could hold its own making beats (Miss that thing bad at the mo )

Tech guys help please