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    Default Tutorials & Learning Material???

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm taking a 2 week Crash Course Learning Vacation so to speak.
    From Next Week Monday until the end of the month.

    Will or can some of you nice people point me into the direction of sites with good info and video tutorials regarding:

    1.) Understanding MIDI: The basics of programming a midi instrument to work with software. IE Effects programming : Super Knobs to cross fade bass, mid and top.

    I unfortunately don't have the traktor bible.

    2.) What software to use for producing cross over blend loops for mixing.
    3.) Where to start with producing my own mixes.
    4.) How to make acapellas - what software to use
    5.) If anyone has good info on using a Nocturn 25 Keyboard in Ableton or fruityloops or Protools.
    Basic tutorials of using Ableton, Protools, fruityloops.

    Anything that I can study and use. Please this will be very helpful.

    I've spent months on searching and only get crappy stuff that doesn't really teach me anything useful.

    I know many of you also went through this.

    Thank you very much!

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    Just about everything you mentioned has been covered in the blog. Just start reading through the articles. I know there's quite a few, and they go back a while, but they all still relevant today.

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    youtube 10000s of videos

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