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    Default Samples Samples Samples - What's the difference

    I have been looking at purchasing some samples online to add to my mixes and to create new tracks from and I see that there are many different formats available, but I don't know what would be for me to go for.

    I'm a new Ableton user and use the software with my midi controller and launch pad. I see that some samples can be purchased as Ableton Live Packs and also Ableton Live Presets.

    1) What are live packs and live presets?
    2) Whats the difference between Packs and Presets and why would I rather choose those over say a WAV or AUDIO format?
    3) If I wanted to change a sample / loop to make it sound different (changing the tone/key) what would be the best format to go for?


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    A live Pack should be referring to a consolidated Live Set, kind of like a zip folder. You unpack it and it places samples devices "presets" even live sets in various folders in your Live browser. Presets are probably referring to thinks like "Samplers," "Simplers," "DrumRacks" etc..., already built out with mappings and samples.

    If you get a Live Pack or Presets, they should contain WAV files already. These things imply someone has built a Live Pack or "Presets" and meticulously made mappings and various configurations of devices that you will simply be able to drag and drop from your browser once installed.

    You should be able to manipulate any thing you get in the form of Live Packs, Presets, WAV's etc. You can breakdown anything in Live and do what you want with it.

    I'm not sure where you are thinking about purchasing this kind of stuff. I am really only familiar with Puremagnetik. If I buy a $12 kit from Purmagnetik, I usually get a Live Pack which installs all the goodies for me. I will have a Purmagnetik Samples folder with a bunch of WAV files, plus DrumRacks, instrument Racks Samplers, OR "Pesets" so to speak, depending on which kit I am buying. Usually with a Purmagnetik purchase I will also get Kontakt .ksd files, so not only do I get stuff prebuilt out for Live, but for Kontakt too.

    I know Loopmasters has some pretty cool stuff out there and pretty much all the "Partner Instruments" stuff advertised on Abletons site, is pretty good, and you should expect to get quite a bit of "Presets" in one "Live Pack." If you dont, I would consider looking to purchase stuff like that elsewhere.

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