Sparkfun Free Day!! DAMN YOU NAMM!!
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    Default Sparkfun Free Day!! DAMN YOU NAMM!!

    So apparently i have missed the Sparkfun Free Day this year.

    I blame this travesty on NAMM of course. While i was busy trying to check out all of the cool new gear, people were getting free gear. Oh the irony.

    So now i'm calling in the troops. Fellow djtechtoolers, we have been good to each other in past. Sharing deals we've found while scouring the web. But somehow, this was either over looked or kept secret. No one is to blame here, we've all been guilty of hoarding a deal or two in the past, but this ends today. From this point forward i purpose that every great deal any member of this board comes across, shall be posted here before even purchasing the item yourself.

    I know this seems like a lot to ask, and some of you are probably thinking, "What if someone steals my deal?" But, that shall not be the case here. For we are a family here at DJTT's, and you just don't steal from family... well at least not this family.

    So to start things off, here are a few deals i've found...

    Traktor Scratch Duo - $164.68 (Used, Condition 1 - Like New)

    Vestax VCI-100 - $214.19 (Used, Condition 4 - Needs Repair) [Who's good with an iron?]

    Maybe would should start a "found deals" thread, maybe a sticky.

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    I didn't know anything about Sparkfun's free day. What is it?

    Musicians Friend had a few TSP's still at half price this morning.
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    missed it to.. last year i was lucky after dozens of reloads cause the the huge amount of traffic that day i scored a free umc32..
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