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    Okay... Here's my situation... I am in the startup stages of putting together a KJ/DJ mobile system... The obstacle I am running into is the combination of Karaoke AND DJ forums using the Denon HS5500.

    One of the most awesome features of the 5500 is that it has TWO decks in one unit so theoretically you can mix FOUR decks with only two units. The only program that I have found that has a four deck option is Traktor Scratch Pro. The problem is TSPro does not feed video, which will not allow me to play cd-g files so that the words are displayed for the singers.

    The other program that I have found to be a good one is PCDJ VJ which allows both DJ Mixing as well as video output for Karaoke and/or video mixing to an external video source. The problem with THIS one is that it only allows for TWO decks so having two HS5500s is a moot point because I wouldn't be able to use the full functionality of all four decks.

    Anyway, I am seeking direction to see if anyone else out there has a similar setup, what they use, what anyone might suggest as a solution, etc. It's not that I NEED four decks necessarily but I kinda want it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! You can email me directly at


    or just post back here. Take care and I look forward to your replies!


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    i don't have a similar setup or anything but have you checked out the mixvibes demo? http://www.mixvibes.com/site/pageeng/page.php?x=mv7pro says that it does video and 4-decks.

    best of luck

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