CDJs+Traktor Scratch+time coded cds
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    Default CDJs+Traktor Scratch+time coded cds

    Hey everyone,

    My debit card now has special VISA powers and can now be hooked up to my paypal as a credit card so I can get quick transactions onto my paypal.

    So, that means my quest for CDJ's can now move to ebay. I visualize myself with a set of cdj800mkII.

    I'm planning on getting the CDJ's and using the TSP timecodes mixing externally.

    It seems that if anyone chooses DVS they usually go with the turntables instead of CDJs, does anyone have a reasoning behind this?

    I'm also considering removing traktor out of the picture all together and starting a CD collection. I like to experience Djing without the help of a computer. I think it will make me appreciate the beauty of the technology better. Although maybe a couple jump drives would be also something to consider

    I'm going to get sick at Djing this year and maybe even get a couple bookings who knows.

    I dont like repeating the same ol topics over and over so I try to put enough of my bullshit into the posts as an attempt to entertain the community with a bit of bull shit

    I used the timecoded CD's with traktor once last year when I rented out cdj800mkII's for some exposure. I thought it was deadly. I was only starting out then; I'm still only starting out now. I spent a year going through various controller options in the market and came up short of a medium that I was comfortable using. Now its time to move away from the crazy, everchanging world of controllers and become familiar with something that is a little bit more concrete in the mixing world.

    It takes me like 25 minutes to get a post out like this. Do any of you take a long time to create a thread?

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    i use cdjs with traktor....i also use TTs with traktor when the mood takes me....
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    I have CDJ-800 and a djm-700 all I can say it's bad ass. I would look at the CDJ-850 as a option to play with DVS or regular cds
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    I would say turntables for nostalgia reason.
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