I am busy playing around with Virtual DJ trial version. I am actually really keen to buy the Audio 8 souncard with Traktor in the New Year but am looking to keep myself busy over Christmas and New Year.

I currently have 2 M-Audio soundcard products - Firewire solo and the Ozone keyboard, as well as a HP laptop that is about 4 years old. The laptop has limitations - I can also only send out sound through the computer's headphone jack, usb or firewire connections.

I have a few questions:

1. With the Virtual DJ trial version can I set up the laptop and soundcards in such a way that I can cue audio through the headphones independently of the master output volume? At the moment I can't find any way to do this. I think part of the problem is that one sound source is being sent to either of the external sound cards and so I can't split them. i don't know how to map virtual dj's sound to accomodate separate audio outputs

2. Is it possible to use the Ozone keyboard midi functionality to control virtual dj and map functions in different ways?

3. Is there any other free software that I can use to achieve this what I am trying to before I buy Traktor next year?

Thanks so much for your help