Best Controllers for a Live Set
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    Default Best Controllers for a Live Set

    Hey peeps.

    I am finally going to purchase my first load of DJ and production gear soon.

    I wanted to get your views on what would be good to use to help perform live?

    My plan really is to become more of a live DJ like Richie Hawtin (not at first but eventually).

    So far i have decided on getting an APC40 and a Midifighter....

    Is there anything anyone recommends i should get?

    Leme know,


    P.S....Budget is not a factor here, i have a good job and if need be i will work extra hours if it means i can afford the better DJ gear.

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    i got an APC40, used it about 4 times and its sat in its flight case since,
    i reccommend an apc20 OR a midifighter, for loops, then an x1 for general controlling,

    if you want to go that extra stage get maschine and sync it to traktor, then you can fire off one shotts, and create your own beats live.
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    i'm in the same sticky situation,

    i have an x1 and a uc 33-e.

    Thinking either getting a launchpad or apc 20 in ableton sync'ed with a channel in traktor.
    Or maschine with maschine software running on a seperate channel.

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    @hoodless .... cheers dude may take a look at maschine, if booka shade use cant be too bad

    @Rkid_Dan ...yeah i was thinkin of the launchpad too...but i think i would get annoyed as it has just pads and no faders or knobs, so i would have to be flippin between controllers to lets say change the modulation of an effect i have just launched on launchpad.

    Its strange you both said to get the 20 and not the 40....

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    idk, i love my apc40, id be dissapointed w/o all the dials and knobs if i only had the 20.
    (gives you COMPLETE control over anything you wanna control in ableton - especially useful when your producing -- havnt tried it djing yet.)

    if money isnt an option, look at either the apc 40 or a launch pad. and deff a baller computer (idk what your running-- either hardware or software, the x1 (or 2) is a must... fantastic piece of hardware... and a good soundcard.

    i also personally love my mpk mini, great for making beats on the fly in ableton when im playing with traktor (wayyyy cheaper than the maschine tho -- less pretty unfortunately -- dont believe the reviews.... thing is rock solid)
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