Alternative Jog wheel functions on the VCI-100
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    Default Alternative Jog wheel functions on the VCI-100

    So, I've been using my page#2 layout to cue juggle with. Using the touch plater to jump to cue 5, like Ean's set up. I've been having a lot of fun with it, but I haven't mapped anything to the rotation of the jog wheel on page#2 (like how it normally pitch bends).

    Anyone have any cool functions that they have mapped to the jog wheel rotation, besides the standard pitch bend?

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    loop position? Effects feedback levels?

    i was doing something fun where a forward motion was play and a back motion was drop a cue.

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    you could use it to stretch the Loop end back and forth, um... you could use it like a Pioneer CD deck and have it control the effect. Like, map the forward motion to push the frequency and depth of the Flanger up, and backward motion pulls it back or something. Also, keep in mind that with Vinyl Mode button down it the jog wheel sets a different command. So, you can have the jog wheel, technically, do four different things.
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