Traktor Pro mapping for BCD3000
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    Default Traktor Pro mapping for BCD3000

    Hi all

    This forum has been so useful to me, I thought it was time I put in my own contribution to the same.

    For a long time, I had been wanting to create a Traktor mapping that would allow me to do everything I wanted without touching the laptop. While I found a lot of good mappings, none of them quite gave me everything I needed.

    So here's my mapping for Traktor that I made a few months ago. Hope some of you find it useful, or at least find some ideas from this that you can use.

    Besides the BCD3000 map, I also use a separate mapping on my keyboard to quickly beat-grid tracks that I haven't done homework for. Not putting that up for now.

    Needless to say, I can't claim all credit for this mapping. Although I created the tsi from scratch (hmm.. there's a pun in there somewhere), it has been inspired by several mappings that I have seen from various users, and I want to thank all of them for their ideas. Some of these people are -

    1. Haangout - Traktor 4 deck mapping using Modes
    2. The biggest inspiration DJcvice - Traktor Pro 4 deck mapping (
    3. Cycokraut
    .. and some others as well..

    Anyway, attached is the mapping, and corresponding overlays that you can print out..

    Have fun!!


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    SID ...cold beer for u!! intuitive and really useful, thanx for share this amazing mapping!...........(and too for DJcvice for that kind of inspiration)...........a lot of work to make this Sid....thnx m friend

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    You're most welcome.. Happy to share.. Do let me know if you have any other ideas on how to improve the mapping..


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    ok!......this mapping really make me happy........and is a pleasure to me, make some sugestions to improve this great mapping.......cheers sid!

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    one q can i convert ur mapping to traktor 2? still trying to make it work...thnx m friend

    (its working know, i think was a conflict with a different mapping, so imust have to go into controller manager, delete both of mappings and then import urs, thnx !)
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    Been looking for so long this type of mapping, thnx rsiddhart, great job my friend...keep going

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    Thanks arsenio..

    I am also working on another mapping for TP2 currently, which uses 2 decks and sample decks instead of 4 decks (I used 2 out of 4 decks in TP1 as sample decks anyway).. I plan to make it such that it minimizes usage of "modes" that I had used in the earlier mapping, and places everything that you might need within immediate grasp...

    This is also accompanied by a keyboard mapping that enables quick beatgrids and instant FX inspired by Ean's tricks..

    I am almost done with the mapping.. Just ironing out a few things before taking it out on a full test drive :-) I just have 2 buttons and 2 LEDs that I can't quite figure out what to do with.. Any ideas that anyone would like me to incorporate? ;-)


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    Thanks Sid, good news to BCD3000 users + Traktor. Two thumbs up for good, u have done a good job for us.
    Currently, Im trying to install TP on my Win7 x64 if it will work then load the tsi.If not, i will be oblidge to install it on my Vista x32.
    Good job Sid.

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    Default Traktor Pro 2 mapping for BCD3000

    Hi all

    After a lot of delay (been busy at work), my Traktor Pro 2 mapping for the BCD3000 is finally ready, and I thought it might be useful to some people if I share it here..

    This mapping offers -

    - Controls for 2 decks + 1 sample deck (4 slots) + 1 Live Input deck + Mixer, enabling both Sync and manual beatmatching
    - Controls for 2 FX units through the controller (with the other 2 units being controlled through my keyboard mapping for Ean-style super-combo effects - Thanks for the brilliant ideas, Ean)
    - Controls to browse tracks

    Hope at least some of you like it and find it useful.. Also attaching overlay PDFs that you can print out (print at actual size)...

    I also have a keyboard mapping to go with this controller mapping that enables quick beat-gridding of tracks, master setup controls, deck specific super-combo effects and controls for the loop recorder.. Not uploading it here as it has been tweaked to suit my workflow, and because I don't have time to describe what each key does.. However, if you think you need that as well, and have time to figure out the keys, feel free to let me know and I'll mail it to you separately..


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    cheers sid!

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