Hey everyone! I'm having a terrible time trying to set up Traktor Pro. I'm wanting to dabble with controller djing and currently have an unused mbox. Here's my setup...

Windows XP - Toshiba Tecra 1gig RAM (centrino processor)...(hey,it was free) and has a fresh install of the operating system - so there is nothing but protools and Traktor installed.

Numark Stealth Control

Traktor Pro

And I was hoping to use my old Mbox as my sound card. (I have freshly installed protools so that the drivers are there...and updated the firmware on the mbox).

First off, Traktor Pro seems to install just fine. When I go in to set the audio outputs it seems to work fine... When i begin to install the controller (Numark Stealth Control) I select the controller from the setup wizard and it seems to install just fine. But then the controller does nothing...except for two led lights on the speed controls. After searching forums everywhere I see that everyone says that the controller should show up in my device manager as "stealth controller usb" or something like that. It only shows up as "usb device" on my laptop. The driver says that it is working correctly...but something doesn't seem right.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with the soundcard(mbox) or the stealth controller? Or what am I doing wrong here? I have unistalled everything and reinstalled several times. I have also uninstalled protools LE completely and then downloaded the "stand alone asio driver". (saw that one on a forum too).

What is weird is that the first install of Traktor seemed to map instantly to the Stealth Control...but I couldn't get sound. After trying to reinstall mbox and protools drivers and updating I now can't get the controller to work at all.

I'm willing to purchase a DJ IO if I need to....I just wanted to save the cash if I could.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!