My First Hip Hop Mix
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    Default My First Hip Hop Mix

    Here it is. This is the first one I've been able to record since upgrading to Traktor Pro. Since I still have an Audio 4, I couldn't use my turntables like I had wanted, but I think it still came out pretty nice.

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    I listened to your mix while watching my girlfriend play "Brutal Legend" and looking up information on a Suga Free album in order to correct the Musicbrainz database. Really. I listened to it on the Klipschs with the subwoofer turned on, but not very loud. Here's my feedback.

    - "My First [x]" = guaranteed no listens. People don't understand what they're in for, except something that is done by a beginner. I go back to ancient posts and give them feedback because I'm obsessive and like the active listening practice.

    - No tracklist = even less chance of listens.

    - Too much on the beatmasher, already in "Day and Night".

    - You play a lot of that electro remix of "Day and Night" ... too much for my taste.

    - The mix out of "Day and Night" is really right in terms of volume levels and... stylistic.. choice. Weird genre clash.

    - This is supposed to be "Hip-Hop"? I guess Hip-Hop turned into Diva House while I wasn't looking? And more beatmasher. Eep.

    - Ugh, "Paper Planes" ... from diva house? Confused. Boy, could MIA be any worse of a rapper? I mean, she makes Nenah Cherry sound like she's MC Lyte in comparison. Dope flip of a Clash song and a great hook, I guess. UGH BEATMASHER. PLEASE NO MORE BEATMASHER.

    - You get your levels wrong on the mix into "the choice is yours", way too quiet. At least this is a great song...

    - The next mix is a really huge trainwreck and is way louder.

    - I sorta understand where you were going on the next mix, like, it could sound pretty cool.. but again the levels are WAY off.

    - OMG NOT "IT'S BIGGER THAN HIPHOP" ... I'M WATCHING THE CHAPPELLE SHOW. GOD. And I even like..d that song.. in 2001... GOD.

    - Right about now, I am pretty willing to "murder the DJ".

    - This party rap track, whatever it is, is not helping me be happier.

    - Ugh, "the lights" ... no?

    - The last track would be sorta ok, I guess.. but I have no idea what it has to do with the rest of the mix. In fact I have no idea what any of these tracks have to do with each other, I mean beyond the fact that you like them. Usually a DJ mix has more of a coherent progression or.. style.. than this did.

    - It's fair to say I did not particularly enjoy this DJ mix.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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