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    Default Ratings on the go

    Like many people I like to use Ratings as one of the ways of organizing my tracks.

    But I am often out walking around town or on the bus/subway, and that's when I'm listening to my music the most. Often I will hear a track and want to rate it or tag it right then so I remember to add it to the right crate/playlist once I get home.

    But I use my Android as my portable music player, so that's not really possible. I use doubleTwist to sync the tracks/playlists from iTunes to the device, but it doesn't go the other way.

    Am I going to have to get an iPod of some sort, is that the only portable device that lets you rate tracks and sync the ratings back to your computer?

    While I'm here, I might as well ask, is there anything besides iTunes that people use to organize their music? Something that has Ratings, tags (which I fake in iTunes with comments), and smart playlists? doubleTwist almost has all these things, but I don't think there's anyway to get Traktor to read its playlists...

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    You can use trainspotter to help organize music.
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