Hey whats going on guys,

I had an idea for a diy "build from a kit" dj mixer. If DJ tech tools could make the main board and ps and midi fighter style case, the possibilities would be endless. It would be amazing if the board was designed for the diy'er in mind. IE, having all the components spaced out slighty further, easy to solder on, etc.

Obviously it would probably be best to start with a really simple 2 channel battle style mixer kit. But I'd love to be able to choose all my own eq pot values, have the option to choose between linear and rotary faders...or even have both and add switches to change between the two. Also, being able to mess with different preamp options is always a plus too.

I haven't found a product currently on the market like this, and I feel djtt could make a killing off these.

Any feedback? Show your support or concerns here!