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    Thanks very much for the layout, Mekon. I'm currently trying to create a Traktor interface for my Galaxy Tab 10.1, so I'm using Control instead of TouchOSC, at very least until the Android editor for TouchOSC is released. Anyway, can you suggest any good sources for learning to build pd patches like yours? I understand some of what's going on, but I'm a little mystified by the send and receive objects, just for starters. And then there are occasional actions that I don't even see commands for, like ping. Where on earth is that being generated from?

    I do have it running on my iPhone, but I'd really like to branch out to a larger control surface. Thanks again for the files, my friend.

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    well for learning PD just use my pd file...it took me 2 weeks to wright it form scratch and I didnt know a thing...and ofcourse ask pd forum http://puredata.hurleur.com/ they help me a lot, I couldnt do it without their help.
    So sorry but dont have any tutorials.
    what ping are you talking about(i know in my pd file there is some internal ping to turn on some algorithms) ?
    TouchOSC for androd/iPhone WIN/MAC+TSI ableton live...

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    Hey Mekon - Thanks for the reply. I think my biggest confusion stemmed from what appeared to be a serious lack of objects for such a complicated setup. I hadn't yet discovered the concept behind using a table to create a subpatch, though. Now that I've been digging around in the subpatches, everything makes a little more sense.

    Although I still haven't discovered the source of the ping which periodically shows up in the console printout.

    Falling further down the pd rabbit hole is step 2. First I have to write the interface pretty much from scratch in JSON, then I can move on to converting between MIDI and OSC with Pure Data. Writing the interface is taking forever, too. I long for an Android-based editor.

    Speaking of which, I assume that most of what you did in pd could be replicated by running your .touchosc file through the TouchOSC2PD tool, right? At very least a framework to start with?

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    yes you can use it just for framework but soon you will want much more
    TouchOSC for androd/iPhone WIN/MAC+TSI ableton live...

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    Yep, I can imagine wanting more would be the case. I'd kill for a similar conversion tool for Control, though, to get the patch started.

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    edit: spam that this message referred too has been deleted. Most excellent.
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