How do you practice/what is your practice routine?
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    Default How do you practice/what is your practice routine?

    Hey everyone,

    I was just curious about what DJTTers do specifically when you guys practice. Do you practice specific skills? or just jump right into mixing? Do you record every time you practice?

    How often do you practice and for how long?

    I read that article by shiftee recently on practicing specific skills every time, but I'm not a scratch DJ so I'm not really sure how that would apply to me. Maybe practicing specific transitions over and over?

    How do you practice?

    Also, what is the deal with practice? Are there two spellings? :P I can't remember which one's which for the life of me!

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    Personally I load one of my newest tracks that have caught my attention. Then I poke around through my library via key and bpm and try and match the energy and then just continue on through that.

    This way I stumble across awesome mash-ups or find out what songs totally suck and need to be deleted.

    As for how long, I try to at least do an hour, the week before a gig though I try to do 3-4 hours.
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    About 2 hours a night, more on weekends. Usually these days my practice consists of...

    -Scratch practice.
    -Beat juggling / DMC shit

    -Controller stuff (playing drum beats on pad controller over looping / etc / cue points)

    -Encorporating scratch / controller / FX routines together.

    -Mixing (^^like what he said, looking for good mixes). Got a show in New Orleans for Mardi Gras....wanna be all prepped up for that

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    This is my nightly routine after getting outta work / having dinner:

    Open Traktor (or Live)

    load a track onto deck a. press play...... load a track on deck b. press play.

    beatmatch. x-fade. ===> Mix!!!!!

    always record. so on teh off chance you do something spectacular. you can remember how/when you did it and so you can pull it off again.

    find new mixes. play with new music. learn your music inside and out (deffinately is way easier when you know when a track is gonna breakdown/buildup/go instrumental). Play infront of friends. Shut down itunes and while hanging out mix instead of shuffling itunes.


    AND ----- someone once told me "if a dj isnt dancing. he isnt doing his job right"
    ..... so if your practicing and you got some moves going on unintentionally.... youre on the right track. :P

    (PS if your using Live, ive noticed that starting a project, working on it for an hr, then saving it and opening a new one and starting a whole new one from scratch really helps in developing your flow/ new tricks/ the program's in's and out's ---- especially if you wanna produce/dj with live)
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    weekends for a bit.

    and whenever i feel the urge on weekdays.

    in prep for a recorded mix:
    i mix 2 songs together.
    find the next track, find mix in/out points

    then every few tracks ill take it from the top without stopping to make sure it still feels right and keeps a flow.

    then once my playlist is set ill run through the whole thing at least once, then record it.
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    Party > Practise
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    i do it in the clubs
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    I have periods of time when I'm in the mood and others I am not.

    When I'm in the mood, time permitting it will be every day or so.

    Playing mostly straight up house and also techno I have a wide gamut of music to match my current mood which I often treat as a starting off point so if I'm chipper maybe I'll be bringing out the happy corny tunes.

    Can't say it enough like the others have, record yourself! I was told that long time ago and I don't ever do it myself and I regret it once in a while when I got really creative.

    Mixing at home is first and foremost for getting to know the tracks inside and out. I like to imagine that everytime I am playing it is a live set so I go through the motions of peaks and valleys like I do when really playing live.

    Practice is to improve your technical ability and get a better feel for your music but most important of all to have a good time.

    For scratching djs, the notion of practice is much more easy to define as you have routines to work on, fader and platter movements etc.

    With regular "electronic" djing if you are pushing the enveloppe doing multi deck mixing using loops and really trying to make it more advanced than there's really work to do and new things to learn and ways to play.

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    I just open Traktor, select the playlist depending on what mood I'm in (prog house, dubstep, psytrance, etc) and just select two random songs and go from there...
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