Keeping a Traktor S4 library consistent between two computers?
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    Default Keeping a Traktor S4 library consistent between two computers?

    I have a laptop that I use for work and DJing, and a desktop at home. I prefer to mix on my desktop if I'm at home, but then I run into the issue of keeping all the same music, samples, FX set ups, etc, consistent between both machines. Is there an easy way to do this?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention: both are PCs running Windows 7.
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    You could perhaps install Traktor within a Dropbox But you'd be limited on space and would have to keep your songs in a home file sharing bit of your home network.
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    After a bit of tooling around I decided the best option would be to set up an external hard drive and have my Traktor root folder, samples folder, and music folder on that.

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