First Electro Mix... Hints are welcome!
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    Smile Electro Mix... Tipps & Hints are welcome! ;)

    Hey Folks!!

    I want to share my first recorded ElectroMix with you guys and would be so happy, if anybody could give me some inputs on how to improve my Mixing Skills. Right now i'm just at that point, that i mix 2 tracks traditionally... but i would love to go deeper into that music than just staying at the "mix-2-tracks" level...

    I have been playing Psytrance for 4 Years now and i discovered Electro as my new passion So, anything, any critics or inputs are welcome and will help me to make further steps!

    Here's the mix:

    Thx in advance for any comments

    Edit: Oh by the way, i'm DJ'ing with NI S4 and Macbook pro , so you know my technical possibilities
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