I know this site is geared mainly for audio side of things, but I've got a little cnundrum. Does anyone know of a good (and cheap, sub $100) USB DMX lighting cntroller? I don't need a huge number of channels, but of course the more the better.

I need to build another lighting tree, currently we have a few but they are american DJ co pilot controlled. Not the most flexible / programmable. I need this new tree, and i'd like to move to DMX software controlled / programmable lights too, so i think this is the way to go.

Please let me know if you know of any decent USB to DMX interfaces. Also, I'm up for software too if you have any good ideas on software. My main goal for the lights is t set up several moving scenes and then just flip between hem using a touch screen computer. So I can have a chase program on, then click a button on the PCand it moves to a strobing effect. simple stuff.