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    Rawr! To regard, a rationally irrational rookie, running rabid in the range of music, wrecking and remixing the righteous opus of artists. We recent rebels don’t revere the rudimentary rule of the rag time and rap you relish, nor the crux of the resonance you regretfully resent. Regularly, we rarely reverence for the racket you rakish hipsters revel in. Rather, we refer for the music that you are, rah, so rash and rude towards. The rhythm you rise to and the reverberation nation you roll your remaining relic through are our ‘pièce de résistance’. The ridiculously ribald regressions you recreate in the retreat of your residence reveals itself, in the essence of our presence, for all to remark. We are not ready to risk you, rather to refine you in what you repeatedly rapture. Ripple our renditions and we’ll ream and wrought your psyche. Rogue? We are not reluctantly rambunctious to regale, as much as you are ravenous for our revelry, but ready to rendezvous you for our rousing resolution. Regretfully, if you cannot regularly register our rhetoric ranting, you ruefully will not respect our raw rhythmics, so let me simply add that it’s our very good honor to meet you and you may call us Rave-N.
    well, half of Rave-N atleast. That big wall of text up there is our "R speech", similar to the V speech in V for Vendetta. I made it because our plan as dj's is to perform live in V-masks.

    my friend and I have been mixing together for about a year now. Our only equipment is the numark omni controller, and traktor pro on my friends laptop that doesn't run it properly. Recently ordered a midi fighter and can't wait to use that, and my parents are getting me a laptop for high school graduation, which will hopefully run Tpro properly.

    anyway, we've never had a show, probably because neither one of us were 18 up until three days ago, which was my birthday. Been trying to book atleast a school dance or something but never been given the chance. We also opt not to do anything such as battle of the bands or talent shows because its technically not our own work, just our own mixes.

    we are inexperienced and poorly equipped, but the way we operate is we have a mini set of 3-5 songs that we know how to properly mix, and then we do very simple transitions between the minis. One person is clicking away on the computer, the other is on the controller.

    we update our soundcloud seldomly, but only because we are given so much time on the free account. So we only upload mini sets that we think are better than the rest and will attract more attention. alot of the stuff we do, we redo or destroy for a different mini, so sometimes one thing is up one day, and then gone the next.


    c&c is appreciated.
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