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    Quote Originally Posted by fullenglishpint View Post
    I never really use it these days but in the past I found it quite useful for b2b DJing with my mate. Set Master to 128 or 140 or whatever you're playing, beatmatch to each other one and you're sorted until you want to change tempo or mess things up. Just made it easier to play 1 or 2 songs each or whatever.

    My beatmatching by ear is better these days though and tbh if you know the precise bpm of both tracks then it's not exactly a challenge!
    Ohhh, I gotcha! That makes perfect sense.

    Dude I got a hands on beatmatching 101 lesson on vinyl (prior to this I had never touched vinyl) by CharlesFeelgood, JesC, and Xtianw. It was really frigin awesome, and so different.

    It's so crazy to play vinyl after being so used to my S4 and laptop screen to help me.

    This profession never ceases to amaze me, there's always something new you can learn, and as time goes on like Richie Hawtin said in Eans interview more and more gear is being built that is completely different from stuff we've ever seen so it's making it so much easier to express your musicality through the equipment.

    God damn man I love DJing. End of my rant off topic .
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    I keep meaning to spend a fucking long time practicing with either some of my real vinyl or my timecodes without phase meter or anything to get my aural beatmatching spot on. I'm ok, and can pull off a reasonable mix with either CDJs or Technics, but I wouldn't call myself a pro.

    Sadly since my Decks et al are back in the UK that won't happen for some time
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    hey man, can i ask you a quick question..

    when i beat grid my tracks.. lets say the track bpm is 125.856.. and i manually set it to 126.

    ..then when i beat grid the track, if the beats are off a tad, and i nudge them left or right.. the bmp value changes slightly away from the rounded 125.990..

    Is it okay to leave it as that? or is it better to keep the bpm to a rounded off number? ie 126

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