Cat. Number: LCMTC004
Release date: 07.02.2011.
Genre: Techno

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01. Dawad – Chambre 23 (Original Mix)
02. Dawad – Inner Science (Original Mix)

We say welcome to Monsieur Dawad, a unique French techno artist who has birthed this excellent, tasty EP. When first hearing "Chambre 23" you can sense its something different and viral . A school choir impresses the teachers and scares them as well while Dawad is laying down dark, wobbling beats to make his classroom move. Following this is a creeping, mumbling vocal in the background, making the listener look over their shoulder to see whose cheating off them…
The second track, called "Inner Science", is a relaxing techno track with slightly detuned screamers, an unbelievable melody and choice sounds. Although this track installs some sentimental feelings, it’s still melting the ice and heating things up with its fullness and stark warmth.
Thanks for the support!

Early Dj Support: Umek, Slam, Pig and Dan, Industrialyzer, Tom Hades, Tom Novy, Electric Rescue, John Selway, Dave Seaman, Wehbba, Sasha Carassi, Jewel Kid, Beltek, Andrea Roma, Axel Karakasis, Matt Cooper, Taster Peter, Anderson Noise, Dr. Motte and many more!

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DJ FEEDBACK: [Selected]

Slam: "funky techno - like these - will play”
Pig and Dan: "Interesting!!!”
Umek: "good!”
Tom Novy: "Great melodies, Inner Science is nice!”
Industrialyzer: "nice sounds”
Tom Hades: "Loving Inner Science ...  “
Electric Rescue: "really nice release my favorite track is chambre 23, interesting deep modern techno, love the funny children voices "c'est le printemps tout le temps " the inner science is also very good original and i will support play both for sure thanks electric rescue”
John Selway: "interesting, well done dark stuff, not sure when it will fit in my set but I like it.”
Dave Seaman: "Inner science is cool”
Sasha Carassi: "Chambre 23 for me! “
Wehbba: "chambre 23 is a bit too dark for me, but might work on big audiences, will give it a go, thanks”
Beltek: "Chambre 23 is great!”
Jewel Kid: "Hypnotic & Beautiful x”
Andrea Roma: "Inner Science (Original Mix) great atmosphere!”
Taster Peter: "Chambre 23 is really hot!”
Anderson Noise: "great music”
Axel Karakasis: "nice one!”
Matt Cooper: "I like this, something against the grain, Chambre 23 is refreshingly individual..”
Nihil Young: "chambre23! i love this kind of slower deeper darker horror techno.”
Ken Ishii: "Love the sentimental touch on Inner Science.”
Dr. Motte: "frenzy! that's touchy music! i hear true techno roots in chambre 23 full support. regards from berlin”
Tone Depth: "Inner Science is beautiful! Great vibe and energy to this mix, puts a smile on my face Thx for sending will be playing this one out a lot!”
Lance Blaise (USA - Teggno rec.): "Will try these out...”
Rodrigo Baretto (Mum Miami): "Loved Cmbre 23 Rod B.”
Roy RosenfelD: "cool productions”
Gennaro Le Fosse: "Will try that @ the right moment!”
Veztax: "Support on Inner Science.. Nice work”
Bugged: "another great EP from LCMTC. chambre 23 is right up our street, dark,driving, scary techno :-) “
Jon Reynolds: "Nice! Very original.”
Alexander Madness: "Chambre 23 rocks!!!”
Mollo: "Inner Science is chilling”
Jonty Skruff: "lovely dark melodies: great stuff:-)))))”
Jamie Stevens (Infusion): "Phwoar! niiice! really into Dawad's stuff and this is no exception!”
Aldrin: "feeling the emo vibe on Inner Science”
Amotz Tokatly (Punch Music): "Love it!”
Tesla: "very nice pack!

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Thanks for the support!

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