Mumstep Chilled Dubstep Mix
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    Default Mumstep Chilled Dubstep Mix

    Hey guys,

    Thought I'd link you guys up with this, my second mix.

    All feedback positive or negative greatly appreciated!

    Sweeneh presents Bathstep/Mumstep

    This is a mix I've put together of tracks that you should be able to get away with playing in a club or bar that isn't sort of place you should be playing dubstep or perhaps a warmup set for a headliner.I also worked with the idea of "if I was going to get my mum into dubstep, what tunes would she like?" when selecting the tracks.There's no powertool sounds, no distorted basslines or grime vocals but plenty of long blends with a few effects thrown in (sometimes a bit too much).There's some dodgy levels throughout and a few iffy transitions and overused effects but on the whole I learned a lot from trying to get these tracks to mix together and enjoyed spending time with these tunes. I may revisit this mix in a few weeks to rearrange and polish it off.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Tracklist :

    In love With You (dubstep mix) - Eryka Bhadu &amp
    Ziggy Marley
    Ain't Nobody (Breakage Remix) -Clare Maguire
    Bahl Fwd - Skream
    Cold VIP - Desto
    Afterlife - Lung (Kryptic Minds Remix)
    Limit to you love - James Blake(Freemun remix)
    Suburbia - Martyn
    Love You To Life - Grace Jones (Mala / Digital Mystikz Remix)
    Reminissin - Skream's Tribal 44 mix
    Mawo Dub - Digital Mystikz
    Double Edge - Emika (Pinch Remix)
    Level Nine - Mala
    Heads Will Wobble - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (jakwob remix)
    Kameleon - 2562
    Tracers - Scuba (deadbeat remix)
    The Grind - Peverelist
    Focus - DuskOver - Breakage featuring Zarif
    Blue Eyez - Skream
    Friction - Caper
    A.G.S. - Emalkay
    Dutch Flowers - Skream (Rusko's trial inna baylon mix)
    Kind Of Blue - The Others
    How Real Ft. Freckles - Skream
    Hypnotise - Forsaken
    Get Up - Pinch (RSD remix)
    My Love - Justin Timberlake (RUF Dubstep remix)
    Justified - Breakage feat. Erin
    Cay's Crays - Fat Freddy's Drop (Digital Mystix remix)
    Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeah's (Sugarpill Remix)

    Artwork : The Pianist - Luke Chueh

    Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy

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    Digging the mumstep!! Not a big fan of the power drill or machine gun sounds anyway.
    Chris Jennings FHP

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    Thanks buddy

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