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    I don't...

    I don't suppose you have enough free space on a soundcloud to host em there for download?

    But if someone does, I would LOVE to get my hands on these files.

    Not only for the mixers... but it would help me fine tune my studio setup, so I'm not using tracks that I 1 beat loop and use filters to sweep frequencies...

    I could get it dead on instead of just like... in the ballpark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bedroomdj View Post
    Xone db looks dope for sure however the 92 and an x1 is more my budget. Asan when u suggest the ddm to u mean for a dj hobbiest or or somthing? I know im bedroomdj but like I said im 22 I dont wana upgrade again until its to the tip top of the line and I want proffesional tools because I learn fast abd am over limitations, especially when I can just save longer for the gangster ish.prolly will get a second x1 down the line or somthing to replace my oxygen.
    once i get my new soundcard, I'll be using my DDM in external mode with a Launchpad for my midi and no midi on the ddm
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    You guys can use my premium filesonic or account for this stuff if you'd like. send me a pm if needed

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